Men Jockstrap Leather adjustable waist Jockstraps

Men cod-piece jock strap, with removable pouch, lined with soft  leather, comfortable and durable, made to order available 

 Medium weight soft cow  leather

Waist Size (refer to size chart below)
 Your own size: select 'Request Your Size' and email yours to us
For a perfect fit, please measure your waist at 4 inches below your navel. Never trust your jeans or pants size!!! 

Thong or Jock Size Chart
Size        Your waist   
XS(28")    28"-30"  
S(30")      30"-32" 
M(32")      32"-34" 
L (34")      34"-36"
XL(36")     36 - 38"
2XL(38")   38"-40"   

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